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Humidity can be a Major Problem in Crawlspaces

There is a long list of issues that can create problems in your crawlspace and one of the most common is humidity. Those who live in areas where the humidity exceeds 55%, there is a higher chance that mold spores and dust mites will be more active.

Mold spores will grow in great abundance if the conditions are right. In order for mold spores to form and grow, they need to have water. When air has a humidity level that surpasses 70%, there is enough moisture to enable mold spores to grow.

Another sign of trouble with humidity comes in the form of…

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When hot air meets cold air, condensation is created. Inside a crawlspace, that produces humidity which can cause an array of problems. However, it is not as if homeowners can take a simple look inside and immediately figure out the humidity level in all parts of their crawl space. What they can do is identify any signs of condensation.

Condensation is an indication that the humidity level has reached 100%. That means the air cannot hold any more moisture, which is why…

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The Benefits of Crawlspace Encapsulation

Sealing off a crawlspace Charlotte is a smart move for homeowners as it provides a wealth of benefits. There are plenty of reasons for homeowners to go with this option and here is a look at how such an endeavor can work for you.

Energy Savings

It comes down to dollars and cents…

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